TX005 Bicycle Handlebar

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Product name:Road Bike Handlebar Carbon Fiber 31.8mm*420mm Drop Bar Horns Bent Bar Matt Black TX005
Type:Drop Handlebar
Material:T700 Carbon Fiber
Handlebar clamp diameter:31.8mm
Handlebar width:420mm
Bar end diameter:23.9mm
Color:Matt Black
Weight:about 250g
Suitable for road bike,BMX and etc.
Package included:
1 X Bike Handlebar


Comfortable on the hands with lots of contact and easy reach to the shifters.These bars will greatly increase your comfort and time spent in the drops.
Ensures excellent vibration damping qualities.It gives smooth drops, comfortable tops and more clearance between the knee and handle bar while riding the saddle.
Its shape offers optimal positioning whether you are pulling at the front or catching the slipstream while riding the hoods in the back and provides more powerful wind-breaking effect.
The carbon fiber handlebar is internal routing design and easy to assemble.
When you ride on the hands with lots of contact and easy reach to the shifters,the drops and hooks for more aggressive riding.
Compact bend with flat top for better grip,relieves stress from the hands and forearms.
Unibody design,easy to assemble,offer the leverage and control the front fork and wheel efficiently.
Good workmanship,every part is good quality and complete cutting,difficult to break.

Carbon Fiber Product Notes:

1.All carbon fiber products have a certain strength design (also for aluminum alloy products),therefore,the installation and operation have a direct impact on the strength and service life of the product.
2.If installing it with too strong torque,it may damage the internal structure of the product,the product may be broken or may not be used normally.
3.Please use a torque wrench as much as possible.If you don't have one,you can go to the bike shop and ask a professional technician to install it. Please do not install with a universal electric tools!
Carbon firber Handlebar: 5Nm

This means when you install other accessories (such as stem, brake lever set, grips, bar ends) on a carbon fiber handlebar,the torque is better to be 5Nm,if over 5Nm it may hurt the handlebar.)

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