UPANBIKE is a global registered brand on bike industry. It has already been registered in many countries and districts including China, USA, Canada, European, Japan, ...etc.

XIAMEN HUANGZAOSHU SHANGMAOYOUXIANGONGSI is the operator of all international tradings and cross-boarder ecommerce businesses of UPANBIKE.

XIAMEN YOUPANTAIKE SHANGMAOYOUXIANGONGSI is in charge of technical developing of UPANBIKE products.

We are professional and focus on bike industry. We focus on developing bike components and parts, bike accessories, cycling accessories for riders, etc...

Our mission is to bring more and more good quality bike related prodcuts with reasonable and affordable price to comsumers and bike fans all over the world. To make your riding much easier and bring your riding much more fun.

No matter you are an end-user or a business buyer, you are always warmly welcomed to contact us, for any question or suggestion.