B616 Bicycle Pedals


color: Black



Product name:UPANBIKE Bike Pedals 9/16'' Titanium Triple Bearing Platform
-Spindle:9/16 inch
-Weight:about 250g(8.82oz)/Pair
-Body material:High strength aluminum alloy
-Axis material:Titanium alloy (14mm)
-Bearing:Triple sealed bearing design
Fits:most kinds of bikes
Package Includes:
-A Pair of bike pedals
This pedals body made of aluminum alloy,pedals axis made of titanium alloy.
Titanium alloy:high strength,good corrosion resistance,good process performance,etc.Is the ideal aerospace engineering structural materials.

1.【Antiskid design】:Antiskid nail surface, strong grasps, no longer skid.
2.【Ultra light hollow design】:Reduce the wind resistance, more save effort.
3.【Easy installation】:Clear "L"mark for left side and "R" for right side.
1.First,the pedals are distinguished as L for left and R for right.
2.Drop a little bit of lubricating oil on the screw threads and put the locking gasket between the pedal and the brace (the smoother side faces outside).
3.Use wrench to wrench the pedal tightly.(The left foot is reverse threaded).

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