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Product name:UPANBIKE 9/16'' Bearing Bike Pedals Magnesium Alloy Cobweb Shape Cycling Flat Platform For Mountain Bike Road Bicycle
Pedals Body Material:magnesium alloy
Axis Material:chromium-molybdenum steel
Axis Screws Material:aluminum
Pedals size:86.5mm*73mm*21mm/3.4inch*2.87inch*0.83inch
Axis diameter:14mm
Weight:about 266g/pair
Installation Tool:8mm Hex wrench
Package included:
A Pair of bike pedals

Suitable for most bike,such as mountain bikes,road bikes,BMX bikes,etc


* Flatform length:73mm
* Width:86.5mm
* Thickness:21mm
* Axis diameter:14mm

1.Pedals body made of magnesium alloy,light weight but more comfortable to step on,more stable and strong,long service life.The flat pedal is designed to provide optimum surface area for contact between your foot and the bike,whilst being strong enough to withstand pedal power and the occasional bashing.
2.Double bearing design,resist strong forces and minimize friction,the degree of lubrication and the strength are greatly improved.
3.Special cobweb shape design,extra large platform provides extra grip and more comfort.Each pedal with anti-skid nails,provide a safe ride on rainy days,feature excellent skid resistance and great grip;anchor your foot better and make your ride easy and stress-free.
4.Metal anode surface manufacturing process to acquire good corrosion resistant performance.
5.Bearings are sealed to keep dust out, ensure the best tread and simplify maintenance.
6.Easy installation,clear "L"mark for left side and "R" for right side.

1.First,the pedals are distinguished as L for left and R for right.
2.Drop a little bit of lubricating oil on the screw threads and put the locking gasket between the pedal and the brace (the smoother side faces outside).
3.Use wrench to wrench the pedal tightly.(The left foot is reverse threaded).

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