B001 Bicycle Stem Extender

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  • ★This bike stem riser exterder is a suitable for 28.6mm(1 1/8 inch) front forks.
  • ★Provides additional stem height of up to 95mm with stack spacers.Includes four 20mm,one 10mm and one 5mm spacers for fine tuning your position.
  • ★The total length is 180mm,extend range:0~150mm;Product weight:about 320g.
  • ★Manufactured from light weight aluminum alloy and finished with a hard wearing anodising,very durable and strong.
  • ★Used for rise the stem and handlebar,make you back more comfortable while riding,brings you enjoyable and relaxed cycling experience without bending the body too low.


Material:aluminum alloy


Weight:about 320g

Use for most types of bikes.

Package included:

1 X Bike Stem Riser extender

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