TX018 Bicycle Saddle

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Product name:Bike Saddle Carbon Fiber+Leather Bicycle Seat For Mountain Bike Road Bicycle Cushion Pad TX018

Carbon Fiber Product Notes:
1.All carbon fiber products have a certain strength design (also for aluminum alloy products),therefore, the installation and operation have a direct impact on the strength and service life of the product.
2.If installing it with too strong torque, it may damage the internal structure of the product, the product may be broken or may not be used normally.
3.Please use a torque wrench as much as possible.If you don't have one,you can go to the bike shop and ask a professional technician to install it. Please do not install with a universal electric tools!
Carbon fiber Saddle:
Saddle lock bow:5Nm.
Material:T800 carbon fiber+PU leather+EVA
Weight:about 150g
Package included:
1 X Bike Saddle
1.Made of carbon fiber,leather and EVA, which have vibration resisting and buffering performance,enough strength.
2.Oval bow design,provide the appropriate shock absorption function,while providing strong support.
3.Fashionable shape,prevent organ oppression, to avoid numbness, allowing blood to circulate better.
4.The middle part of the vent design should notice ventilated breathe freely, to make air quickly pass and to let riders more comfortable.
5.This is a soft,comfortable,wearable and waterproof saddle,a great choice for a long-distance riding or travel.
6.Good looking and sitting comfortable.
7.Fashion and streamlined bicycle saddle design,easy to installation and clean.
Note:Keep away from fire and sharp items.

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