B708 Waterproof Saddle Bag

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color: Dark Blue
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Material:840D double-sided TPU+Nylon material
Fully unfolded length:61cm/24''
Color:Gray\Dark Blue
Package included:
1 X Bicycle Saddle Bag
Suitable for most kinds of bike,such as mountain bike,road bike,fixed gear bike,folding bike and etc.

1.Waterproof design:TPU waterproof material with high frequency hot-pressing seamless welding process,to seal the waterproof effect.
2.Large capacity storage:measured internal 10L capacity,can be met general long-distance ride to carry the needs of items.
3.Four strong fixed:the market for dual-track cushion,high strength with the buckle with a ribbon,it is easy to fix the seat,solid and reliable.
4.Multi-purpose strap design:add taillight strap design,side it will hang taillights or decorative items;another hanging with set can be fixed clothing and so on.
5.Alternative fender:waterproof easy to clean material with the overall shape,you can directly replace the use of fender,rainy muddy road sections, without unnecessary equipment.
6.Modeling crisp, good texture:the package inside the same as the ship to add keel design,two sides and the middle are equipped with PE support plate, can ensure that the body is full of deformation,even if not installed anything, package body will be more type.
7.Aerodynamic modeling: through the overall streamline design, the overall shape of smooth coordination, similar to the dolphin's body as more dynamic flow line, in line with aerodynamic design principles.
8.With PE support board in the middle and on two sides inside,keep the pack body shape.
9.Tips:Keep away from fire and sharp objects.

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