B060 Bicycle Handlebar

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Colour: Gold
size: 720mm
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  • 【Material 】:Aluminum Alloy 6061,hard anodizing and numerical controlled precision bending,excellent shockproof and maximum firmness.(Please attention the blue handlebar's real color is as the installtion image shows.)
  • 【Length】:720mm/ 28.35 inch;780mm/30.71inch. Extra long allows more space to install more accessories,let you control your bike easily in complex terrain.
  • 【Clamp diameter(middle of the handlebar)】:31.8mm;Bar end diameter:22.2mm.
  • 【Riser】: 50m. Sweep back angle:9°。Ergonomic structure,CNC precision bending. Comfortable and non-slip.
  • 【Shipping time】:If order is fullfilled by Abuyamoy(seller), it's shipped from China, normally it takes 7 to 15 business days.If it's fullfilled by Amazon(FBA),it will be very fast.
riser bar

Size Specifications
Handlebar length:720mm;780mm(Two sizes for you to choose)
Bar end diameter:22.2mm
Clamp diameter:31.8mm

riser bar

Backsweep view

  • Riser:50m.
  • Sweep back angle:9°.
  • Ergonomic structure,CNC precision bending.
  • Comfortable and non-slip.


√ More Comfortable:Ergonomic curve supports rider's back.Provide protection during cycling.
√ Easy Control:Extra long handlebars,high strength,let you control your mountain bikes easily in complex terrain.
√ Compatible with most dirt bicycles and mountain bikes.


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