B187 Bicycle Seatpost

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color: black
size: 25.4mm*400mm
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  • To fit frame seatpost hole:25.4mm.
  • Extra long:15.7"(40cm);Help to raise height of saddle,so that tall rider don't have to bent much forward.
  • Material:Strong aluminum alloy,durable and light weight.
  • Clamp is adjustable for the saddle tilt angle.
  • Replacement seatpost for most bike,such as:mountain bike,road bike,universal bikes.

Material:Aluminum alloy 7075
Weight:about 300g(27.2mm)/320g(30.9mm)/340g(31.6mm)
Tube thickness:2mm
Tube outter diameter:25.4mm,27.2mm,28.6mm,30.9mm,31.6mm

bike seat post 
(five size for you to choose,please choose the right size before you place the order)
Micro adjustable clamp:you can adjust the tilt angle of the saddle via the clamp to make the saddle horizontal.

bike seatpost

(Installation diagram)

bicycle seatpost
Attention:the bike saddle is not including.

How to measure and confirm the diameter that you need ?
Please do measure and confirm the exact post diameter that you need for your bike. Otherwise you may find it too small or too large for your bike frame seat post hole, then you'll have to spend more time to return it. Thank you for your support.
bike seatpost
There are two ways to confirm the diameter that you exactly need.
1. Check the diameter mark on your old seat post, normally there's a size mark on your old seat post. For example, if there's a mark " Φ25.4"on your old seat post, then you can buy a new 25.4mm seat post.
2. If you have a vernier caliper, measure your old seatpost diameter, or measure the inner diameter of the seatpost hole, then buy a similar size new seat post. For example, if the measurement is about 27.1mm, then select a 27.2mm seat post will do.
3. If you don't have a vernier caliper, use a small stick to measure the inner diameter of the seat post hole (see the picture showing).

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